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Purge and Trap Concentrators and Autosamplers

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Eclipse 4760 Purge and Trap

High-Performance technology for Accurate, Reliable Volatiles Analysis

Eclipse 4760 Purge and Trap systemThe Eclipse 4660 Purge-and-Trap Sample Concentrator processes samples for analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by gas chromatography (GC) or gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS).

The Eclipse 4760 Purge and Trap Sample Concentrator sets a new standard for ease-of-use for volatile organic compound (VOC) analysis. The new 4th generation system includes the popular features from the Eclipse platform that chemists around the world rely on for accurate, dependable results along with technology enhancements, intuitive software, and a slim-line, open architecture design that saves bench space and allows easy access to components. Engineered to increase efficiency, and ease of operation, the Eclipse 4760 maximizes throughput, simplifies troubleshooting, and minimizes system downtime for fast accurate, dependable results. Fully complies with all USEPA CLP, State, EU, and ISO VOC methods, protocols, and audit requirements

Download the Eclipse 4760 Purge and Trap brochure and specifications here:
Eclipse 4760 P&T concentrator brochure
Eclipse 4760 P&T concentrator specification

4100 Soil and Water Purge and Trap Autosampler

4100 Soil and Water AutosamplerThe 4100 Purge-and-Trap autosampler.

The OI Analytical 4100 Water / Soil Sample Processor automates the handling and processing of samples in 40-mL VOA vials for purge-and-trap analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in accordance with U.S. EPA methods. The 4100 efficiently processes up to 100 drinking water, wastewater, or soil samples and operates with a single or dual Eclipse 4660 purge-and-trap instruments.

The 4100 is equipped with an innovative pneumatically-actuated cylindrical vial gripper that surrounds and conforms to each vial. The VOA Constrictor™ mechanism lifts and transports 40-mL VOA vials to and from the sampling station with unsurpassed reliability.

New! 4100 Water/Soil Sample Processor Interface Kits are now available for Teledyne and EST Analytical purge and trap sample concentrators


Download the 4100 autosampler brochure here:
4100 autosampler brochure

4551A Water Autosampler

4551A Water AutosamplerThe 4551A Purge-and-Trap autosampler.

Standout Performance in a Compact Package

The Model 4551A Purge-and-Trap Water Autosampler achieves results by automating VOC analysis of up to 51 samples.

Vertical docking of the autosampler to the Eclipse Sample Concentrator means no extra benchspace is used. The removable, lightweight sample carousel makes sample loading and unloading easy, while its spiral design optimizes septum-piercing accuracy. With its proven, reliable sample handling system, the Model 4551A gets the job done, sample after sample.

Download the 4551A brochure here:
4551A autosampler brochure