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PFPD Application Notes

1253app_Organo Tin Analysis by Gas Chromatography.pdf
1255app_Compound Dependance of Response of a PFPD in P and S modes.pdf
1373app_Optimization of a PPFD for Nontraditional Elements.pdf
1379app_Multi-element Analysis of Pesticides.pdf
1477app_Measuring Light Sulfur Compounds in Pulp Mill Effluents with the PFPD.pdf
1502app_Determination of Volatile Sulfur Compounds in Beverages Using Static Headspace and PFPD.pdf
1618app_Low-Level Sulfur Compounds in Beer by Purge and Trap with a Pulsed Flame Photometric Detector (PFPD).pdf
1657app_GC_system with PFPD for Analysis of Volatile Sulfur Compounds in Process Gas Streams.pdf
1711app_ Application Note PFPD Calibration and Linearity.pdf
1762app_S-PRO3200_Experiences from the Field.pdf
1763app_Total Sulfur Content in Petrochemical Samples using a PFPD.pdf
1764app_Sulfur containing carbamate Pesticides using a PFPD.pdf
1901app_ASTM method for analysis of Thiophene in Benzene using a PFPD.pdf
1906app_Analysis of Sulfur-Containing Flavor Compounds by GC-MS With a PFPD.pdf
2226app_Changes to the standard Sulfur Config to reduce hydrocarbon quenching in gasoline samples.pdf
2242app_Optimisation of Evaporation and Concentration Parameters for Pesticides by XSD or PFPD.pdf
2789app_Low level sulfur contaminants in gas phase matrices by PFPD.pdf
3013app_ASTM methods for Sulfur Analysis in Petrochemicals using a PFPD.pdf
3266app_Analysis of Thiophene in Benzene using ASTM methods and a PFPD.pdf
3671app_Determination of Sulfur in Natural Gas by ASTM D 6228-11 using a PFPD.pdf
3672app_Fast Determination of Impurities in Propane-Propylene Streams using a PFPD and a Capillary PLOT column.pdf
3783app_Sulfur species in Petrochemical Matrices by ASTM methods using a PFPD.pdf
4003app_Determination of Low-level sulfur compounds in Spearmint Oil using a PFPD.pdf
4151app_Determination of Sulfur-Containing Species in Scotch Whiskies using GC with PFPD.pdf
PFPD Applications Presentation.pdf