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Other elements with the PFPD

Nitrogen emission

The PFPD is capable of selectively detecting other elements apart from sulphur and phosphorus. In fact it's possible to detect up to 28 other elements with the correct photomultiplier and optical filter combination.

Other key applications include:

  • Carbon
  • Nitrogen
  • Arsenic
  • Tin
  • Selenium

Below is a link to an excerpt from …


Great PFPD resource

Link to Prof. Aviv Amirav's PFPD website


Prof. Aviv Amirav at Tel Aviv University was head of the group that developed the pulsed flame photometric detector. Here's a link to his PFPD website, it contains lots of information regarding the theory of operation of the detector, various applications and lists …


PFPD - upgrade to the new 5383


Existing PFPD Users Upgrade Offer

The new, improved 5383 PFPD is now available from OI Analytical:

  • New modular control unit
  • Updated, improved electronics and signal processing
  • New PulseView monitoring and analysis software suite
  • Straight forward upgrade of 5380 control unit

For a limited period we're offering existing users of the …