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Pegasus HRT Pegasus HRT

Pegasus® GC-HRT+

High Resolution GC-TOFMS

This high performance mass spectrometer features industry leading mass accuracy, full mass range acquisition with exceptional speed, isotopic abundance, and mass resolution, all available within 1 injection. Folded Flight Path® (FFP®) technology and a novel data acquisition system enable resolution of 50,000 FWHM, mass accuracies less than 1 ppm, and acquisition rates up to 200 spectra/second—all with the goal to facilitate rich analyte finding and high-confidence analyte identification.


  • Mass accuracies of 1 ppm and peak capacity potential at least two times greater than any mass spectrometer currently available on the marketplace
  • Encoded Frequent Pushing® (EFP®) contributes to a significant increase in sensitivity, expanded dynamic range, wide mass range, and much more.
  • Folded Flight Path (FFP) technology provides high resolution, enhanced sensitivity, and higher orders of TOF focusing
  • KADAS®, our patented ion statistics-based data acquisition system, dramatically reduces noise, ensures mass accuracy, and reduces file size.
  • What else is in your sample? In cases where ambiguity exists, Ultra High Resolution mode combined with HRD will pull apart highly isobaric ions (mass differences ~ 0.02 amu). 
  • Available with either Electron Ionization (EI) source for comparison with classic library spectra, or Chemical Ionization (CI) source for preservation of the molecular ion.

Application Markets:

  • Environmental
  • Metabolomics
  • Food Safety
  • Life Science
  • Aroma Flavour Fragrance
  • Chemical & Petrochemical
  • Forensics and Toxicology