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Cosmos GC Gas Generators

The Cosmos Series - Modular Gas Generators for GC and GC-MS Instruments

The Cosmos Gas Generators are the Complete Solution for GC and GC-MS labs

  • Modular system offering a GC gas supply solution specific to your lab
  • Stackable design allowing you to save space in the lab
  • Combinations available for Single and Multiple GC applications
  • Very easy maintenance
  • Touch screen display showing status of the system with auto-diagnostics
  • Exclusive cold dual regeneration dryer to ensure high H2 purity
  • 100% titanium PEM cell technology, better purity and longer life than other cells on the market
  • PSA fast purity for high purity N2
  • Unique remote access via USB for diagnostics and maintenance
  • Optional hydrogen sensor when using H2 as a carrier gas

Possible Configurations

  • Zero Air + H2 (FID Station)
  • Zero Air + Zero N2 (Air for FID and ZERO N2 for carrier gas and makeup)
  • Zero Air + H2 + Zero N2 (Air and H2 for FID and ZERO N2 for carrier gas and make up)
  • Zero Air + H2 + Zero N2 + Air Compressor (Total solution for detector and carrier (N2 or H2) with air compressor)