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PFPD - Pulsed Flame Photometric Detector

OI Analytical’s patented 5383 Pulsed Flame Photometric Detector (PFPD) excels at selective, high sensitivity detection of sulphur, phosphorus and other elements.

PFPD Capabilities

  • 10-100x increase in signal-to-noise and a 10x selectivity increase over traditional FPDs
  • Linear, equimolar response for quick easy calibrations
  • Simultaneous mutually selective chromatograms e.g.: S+C, or S+P
  • Inherent self-cleaning design eliminates soot formation seen in other sulphur-selective detectors
  • Long-term stability and minimal maintenance

Principal Applications

  • Sulphur in petrochemicals
  • Organophosphorus pesticides
  • Flavour and fragrance analyses
  • Sulphur in beverage-grade CO2
  • Simultaneous PFPD and MS detection
  • Chemical warfare agents
  • Organotin compounds in environmental samples
  • Organometallic detection
  • Explosives analysis
  • P, S, As and Si detection in the semiconductor industry
  • Sulphur in pharmaceuticals

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