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PID - Photoionisation GC Detector

The PID is a GC detector that responds to aromatic and olefinic hydrocarbons in the presence of alkanes and other saturated hydrocarbons.

PID Capabilities

  • Unique UV-lamp Window Sweep design minimises fouling of the window surface
  • Lampsaver circuit extends lamp lifetime by turning off lamp when not in use
  • Non-destructive detector that can directly interface to an ELCD, XSD or FID to form a tandem detector only requiring one detector port
  • Detector vent for venting undesirable sample solvents
  • Compatible with packed and capillary columns
  • Engineered to fit specific GC models
  • Easy operation and maintenance

Principal Applications

  • USEPA Methods 502.2, 503.1, 602, 8020, 8021
  • BTEX, GRO, DRO and VPH
  • Aromatics
  • Alkenes and Alkynes
  • Underground storage tank monitoring
  • Waste characterisation
  • Air pollution/industrial hygiene

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