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Pyrola 2000

Pyrola 2000 Pyrolyser

High precision pyrolysers for analytical pyrolysis.

The Pyrola 2000 is a high precision pyrolysis for analytical pyrolysis in conjunction with a GC or GC/MS system.

Key Features Of The Pyrola 2000

The sample is in direct contact with the heating element. This enables an extremely fast temperature rise time and precise temperature control. Measurement of the true pyrolysis temperature by two independent methods.

Unique pyrolysis methods:

Fractionated pyrolysis

  • Thermal desorption
  • Sequential pyrolysis
  • Pyrotomy
  • Easy sample handling.
  • Remove and reattach the pyrolysis process unit to the GC in seconds.

Please visit the Pyrol AB website for more detailed information on the pyrolysis technique, the Pyrola 2000 unit and the MultiMatic autosampler.

Further Information: